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Reasonable Accommodation in Housing Policy


Reasonable Accommodation is the practice of making exceptions to policies and /or procedures, alterations to physical space design and layout, or holding an organizational or program standard in abeyance to provide and individual with a disability equal access and full enjoyment of the benefits of the programs administered by the Housing Authority. This Reasonable Accommodation in Housing Policy sets forth the policy and procedures of the Dedham Housing Authority (“DHA”). It is the policy of the DHA to make reasonable accommodations for qualified applicants or residents with disabilities for participation in DHA’s public and assisted housing programs and activities. The DHA is committed to ensuring that its policies and practices do not deny individuals with disabilities the opportunity to participate in, or benefit from, nor otherwise discriminate against individuals with disabilities in connection with the operation of the DHA’s housing services or programs solely on the basis of such disabilities.

The standards within this document set forth the general principles for consideration of a reasonable accommodation request by the DHA. If any conflicts exist or arise between this document and guidance issued by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, or existing or future statutes, regulations, or other legal requirements, the DHA shall follow the other requirements. The term "applicant" as used in these guidelines only refers to the individual requesting a reasonable accommodation, whether the person is applying for Section 8 assistance, residency at the DHA or is already a DHA resident or Section 8 participant.

A copy of this Reasonable Accommodation in Housing Policy (“RAHP”) is on file at the DHA Offices located at 163 Dedham Boulevard Dedham, MA 02026.

The Reasonable Accommodation in Housing Policy outlined here applies to DHA applicants, residents and participants who are qualified individuals with a disability under applicable law. The DHA may require reliable documentation or verification of the disability. Verification of disability will not require a description of the cause of the disability, diagnosis or medical records. The DHA may also require verification that the individual needs the accommodation and that the accommodation is likely to be effective. In the case of a denial the DHA will explain the basis for such to the requester.